Discos Record Shop. A must visit for every 12 inch maxi collector. Ten thousands of maxi-singles available here in all genres: 80s, pop, disco, italo, hi-nrg, house, techno, trance and many many more. Specialized in italo disco with many original italian twelve-inches for sale. Also in stock are the new releases of the famous labels I Venti D’Azzurro and Lusso Records of course!

You will receive a warm welcome by Foort, the friendly shop owner, and can dig records for hours while enjoying a coffee or fresh drink. The new Lusso Records and I Venti slipmats will be available for sale here as well.

LPs are flying out of the shops, but maxi-singles often only make up a small part of the range. Foort is changing that. He has been a collector for 35 years, but only maxi-singles. These are records that are the same size as LPs, but only have one song on it. The grooves are therefore further apart, so that the sound quality is much better. These are the records that deejays used to play with in the 80’s and 90’s but never disappeared from the dj scene and are still hot.

The difference between Discos Record Shop and other stores is that elsewhere you can mainly find LPs and we only sell maxi-singles. They are often neglected elsewhere. We have great 80’s records available from only 3,50 euro. All records have been inspected and cleaned with passion if needed. And of course you can listen to each record first before you buy. Many satisfied customers from all over the world have visited the shop!

Visit our shop at Bosweg 17B in Strijen, The Netherlands. If you have any questions, remarks about our shop/records or you want to sell 12 inch maxi-singles, you can always contact us via phone +31-626438339 or use the contact form on our website.

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